Onion Pie in a blue casserole dish
We're bringing issue 71 to life with brunch at One Kitchen Collaborative in Oceanside. Cover image by Haley Hazell for Edible San Diego.

This fall on Oct. 15, Edible San Diego invites you to join us and the crew at One Kitchen Collaborative in Oceanside as we bring the fall issue to life.

One Kitchen Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) featured in issue 71 for turning usable food headed to the landfill into healthy and delicious meals for the community. You'll enjoy getting to know their story and others featured in the fall magazine over an opulent brunch, beverages, and more at this unique, spacious indoor/outdoor venue.

Tickets are available for $85 on Eventbrite. Price is all-inclusive.

The Menu

Morning Wake Up’s

Passionfruit Mimosas - from the sideyard

Locally Roasted Coffee - from Jitters Coffee Pub

Zero Wasted Bloody Marys - all the pickles, grilled vegetables, sumac curry powder rim

Cool Summer

92056 Gleaned Fruit Granita  v/gf

We’re All Family

Amy Cunningham’s Cover-Winning Onion Pie - saltine crust, tons of sweet onions, egg, cheddar, pimentos

Just Baked Vegan & GF Sweet Breads

Quiche - OKC sunrizo, roasted onions, sweet peppers, vegan cheese   v/gf

Cereal Milk Bread Pudding - cream cheese, roasted banana caramel sauce

Roasted Tiny All Blue Potatoes - neighborhood rosemary, EVOO, crunchy salt   v/gf

OKC Focaccia - with Sam Parker’s Slow Food Caponata   v/ gf

Avocado Toast - griddled flatbread, avocado, EVOO, sea salt, radish, Mexican sriracha   v

A Really Great Salad -  made from the OKC cooler & didn’t buy anything for   v/gf

Calabaza Salad - sweet corn, onions, summer squash, roasted tomato vinaigrette   v/gf

Additional details to follow as available. Event proceeds shared by Edible San Diego and One Kitchen Collaborative.

This Onion Pie with a saltine cracker crust is an heirloom recipe. Image: Haley Hazell.
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