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"Our Daily Bread:" The Intersection of Food and Western Christianity
January 16, 2021


Start Date/End Date:
January 16, 2021
Start Time/End Time:
10:30 AM
12:00 PM
Online; Hosted by The Culinary Historians of San Diego
Culinary Historians of San Diego will present “Our Daily Bread”: The Intersection of Food and Western Christianity, at 10:30 am January 16, on Zoom. In this lecture, Sharon Sheffield will lead a guided tour of the historical high points of food and religion with brief excursions into food customs, folklore and fasting as an expression of faith. The audience will hear how beer fasts, soul cakes, sin eaters and the Great Leavened/Unleavened Bread Debate are all part of how faith has shaped the way some people look at food — and how these customs still have currency today. The Reverend Sharon Sheffield is Vicar of St. Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Church in Long Beach, CA. Sharon holds degrees in divinity and linguistics, and anthropology, with an emphasis on how myth and folk tales shape society and vice versa. In her free time, Sharon enjoys using music, drama historical reenactment, and handicrafts (particularly weaving and knitting) to help people learn about the nooks and crannies of religious and social history.