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The Story of Salvadoran Food
October 17, 2020


Start Date/End Date:
October 17, 2020
October 17, 2020
Start Time/End Time:
10:30 AM
12:00 PM
Culinary Historians of San Diego will present “The Story of Salvadoran Food,” featuring Alicia Maher, at 10:30 am - noon via Zoom. Alicia will take participants on a journey into El Salvador’s rich culinary history from the 16th century when the Conquistadores arrived bringing new animal and vegetable ingredients from Spain to the present. Alicia Maher is the bilingual author and publisher of Delicious El Salvador, the 2014 Gourmand Winner’s Best First Cookbook in the World, and Best First Cookbook in the last twenty-five years in 2020. This and her Spanish translation fill a cultural void for the Salvadoran community in the US which is the second largest Hispanic group in the country. Raised in El Salvador, she has made Los Angeles her home since 1986. Alicia holds a UCLA bachelor’s degree in Art History, and teaches cooking classes both online and at Surfas Culinary District. Alicia is currently writing her second cookbook.