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Wild Edible Plant Harvesting & Cooking Workshop
March 27, 2021


Start Date/End Date:
March 27, 2021
March 27, 2021
Start Time/End Time:
9:00 AM
12: 30 PM
Sand n' Straw Community Farm
Want to learn how to harvest and prepare delicious recipes from the most nutritious and sustainably grown food on the planet? Wild edible plants are growing all around us. Imagine how much CO2 emissions, energy and waste would be saved if more people ate wild edible plants harvested from their back yards instead of eating conventional vegetable needing water, fertilizer and that has been transported hundreds or even thousands of miles. Wild edible foods are a tool that can be use to help solve many of the social and environmental justice problems we face today. This workshop will teach you how to: • Safely identify and respectfully forage wild edible plants • Prepare delicious, nutritious recipes • Find out how our health can benefit from including these plants in our diet The day will start with a presentation on wild edible plants followed by a wild edible plant walk. Then we will make a number of different recipes from our foraging and end the day with a feast where will sample all the dishes we have prepared.