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16 Easy Recipe Swaps to Create an Unique San Diego-Style Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving might be all about tradition, but there is still room for a few culinary surprises on every table.

Olivia Hayo
November 23, 2019
Photo by Olivia Hayo and Chris Rov Costa

Thanksgiving is an amazing time to get together with friends and family and celebrate everything we have to be grateful for.

While we are all for traction, this year, we wanted to switch things up, so we created a cheat sheet of easy swaps to help you create a feast all your own.

We know you probably can't live without turkey (or leftover tofurkey sandwiches), but you might enjoy adding some sides that are as unique and diverse as the county we call home.

Whatever you do, make this Thanksgiving your opportunity to enjoy the process and savor the unique pleasure of feeding the ones you love.

Instead of Cranberry Sauce

This year, try pan-roasted cranberries, grapes, and cherry tomatoes or get your tangy side dish fix from a persimmon and pomegranate salad.

Photo by Olivia Hayo and Chris Rov Costa

Instead of Sweet Potato Souffle

Serve cider braised spuds or spicy, sweet-savory Thai-inspired sweet poatoes that can double as a vegetairan main.

Instead of a Pull-Apart Bread or a Cheese Plate

We're putting out a tray of garlic parmesan artichokes, delicate slices of pecorino and shaved pear, and roasted grape and ricotta crostinis as appetizers.

Photo by Olivia Hayo and Chris Rov Costa
Photo by Olivia Hayo and Chris Rov Costa

Instead of Mashed Potatoes

Try fun-to-eat smash roasted potatoes or make an elegant squash and apple gratin.

Photo by Olivia Hayo and Chris Rov Costa
Photo by Olivia Hayo and Chris Rov Costa

Instead of Green Bean Casserole

Make veggies the star of the table with recipes lik baharat roasted carrots or beet carpaccio topped with luscious buratta.

Instead of Pumpkin Pie (oh yeah, we're going there)

Pumpkin pie might be good, but True Food Kitchen's squash pie is better and, in our humble opinion, vegan pumpkin cheesecake brownies are the absolute best. For something totally different, we're going with a subtley sweet pistachio fig cake.

Photo by Olivia Hayo and Chris Rov Costa
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