Like many organizations around the world, the community of Edible publications from across the US and Canada started weekly video meetings as a Covid pivot strategy. What began as moral support sessions evolved into a weekly forum for problem-solving, business innovation, and a deepening of our collective dedication to local food systems. Perhaps the biggest outcome of these synergistic efforts thus far is a special editorial section to appear in print-only in participating Edible titles and online with Edible Communities.

For summer (on page 20), we present a surprising and encouraging take on how to feed people protein in ways that enhance the quality of soils, water, biological diversity, and our atmosphere. Written by Joy Manning, this Edible Communities exclusive story is about a new partnership between the National Audubon Society and Panorama Organic that added 1 million acres of regenerative grasslands that get ranchers, cattle, and prairie grasslands working in harmony rather than at cross-purposes. Regeneration doesn’t fit in a sound-bite or a meme, but this story delivers a hopeful example in today’s fraught conversation about healthy diets, the economy, and the planet.

Read the full story here—

The Birds and the…Beef? How Regenerative Grasslands Restore Habitat for Birds.

Want to hear more? Listen to the Edible Communities podcast—

Eat, Drink Think Episode 1: Sustainable Beef and Grassland Birds with Panorama Organic and the Audubon Society.

Stories like this remind us that even a small group of people can make an enormous impact for the good of many. Edible San Diego is honored and excited to participate with other Edible titles across the continent and Edible Communities to offer other compelling stories you won’t find anywhere else in the next three issues of our magazine, and beyond.

Top image: Candice Vivien.

Red-winged blackbird. Image: Candice Vivien.
Red-winged blackbird. Image: Candice Vivien.
Image: Candice Vivien.
Red-winged blackbird. Image: Candice Vivien.
Image: Candice Vivien.
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