Meet the Bastyr University Guest Editors of the September/October Issue

The nutrition faculty at Bastyr University is on a mission to support the local community through health and nutrition education. Bastyr University opened its campus in San Diego in 2012, while the main campus in Washington State recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. Bastyr is a global leader in evidenced-based natural health education, and the local campus located in Sorrento Valley offers two nutrition degrees: Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Culinary Arts (BSNCA) and Master of Science in Nutrition for Wellness (MSNW).

Bastyr’s nutrition faculty, with diverse backgrounds that complement the needs of the program and students, inspire students to create and maintain wellness by combining a rigorous science background with culinary nutrition, exercise physiology, and community health. Bastyr's unique nutrition programs transform students into "nutrition translators,” enabling them to take complex and often conflicting information and present it in a way that motivates and empowers. This innovative approach propels graduates to become transformative agents of change in our local community and in the world at large.

Faculty Highlights:

Fernanda Larson is a Bastyr alumna and assistant professor specializing in culinary nutrition with an emphasis on whole-foods philosophy, therapeutic cooking, and recipe adaptations. She has been teaching healthy cooking for over 15 years.

Dr. Shanshan Chen has expertise in developing and implementing health promotion programs and engaging community partnerships. She teaches community-based nutrition courses to MSNW students.

Dr. Neal Malik is an assistant professor and chair of the Department of Nutrition and Basic Sciences. A published, peer-reviewed scientific literature author and respected media expert in nutrition and wellness, he has written for a variety of publications including Men’s Fitness and

The recipes provided in this issue were created as part of a collaborative effort with the Bastyr nutrition faculty and students to highlight the best possible sources of proteins that promote personal, local, and global wellness.

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