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Becoming a Leader in Nutrition Education at Bastyr University

Bastyr University is empowering leaders in whole-food education.

April 15, 2020

Before coming to Bastyr, I do not believe I had full confidence in myself as a leader. However, Bastyr has been a place that challenged me while giving me the opportunities to gain assurance in myself to be a leader as well as fully ignite my passion for spreading nutrition education.

Kelly Redfield, MSNW ‘19

A degree program in nutrition from Bastyr University gives students a real-world, hands-on education that prepares them to become leaders in whole-food education.

Students gain a scientific foundation framed on a whole-food philosophy, shaped by a holistic understanding of mind, body, spirit, and health. Students learn to draw connections between food and wellness in the community, clinical, and research applications.

Bastyr nutrition students gain more than just knowledge. They develop tools for communicating complex information in simple ways, in person or online, that transform peoples' lives.

Bastyr has been a leader in the natural health arts and sciences for more than 40 years, delivering an education that integrates health, science, and nature.

If you want to turn your calling into a career, don't delay! Start your journey at Scholarships are available for applications and deposits received by May 1.

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