Tell us about yourself and where you live.

My name is Whit Rigali. I'm the co-founder, distiller, and head janitor of the Misadventure & Co. Distillery. I currently reside in Vista, CA.

What brought you to the food and beverage industry?

I was first attracted to the industry because it allowed me to travel to different locations and work at the same time. What has kept me in it for so long is the wonderful social aspect—I’m constantly meeting new people—and enjoy the creativity that comes with distilling and making cocktails.

Where can we find Misadventure & Co. products in San Diego?

Visiting our distillery in Vista is the best way to buy our products. There, you can learn more about our process, meet the founders, and sample some of our amazing cocktails.

What's a good drink you've had recently?

Henebery Rye Whiskey.

What are your essential bar or kitchen tips, shortcuts, and tools? 

Recently, I zested 400 lemons for limoncello in one day using a microplane, wood plug cutter drill bit, and a power drill. I first attached a microplane over a bucket, then used a wood plug cutter drill bit and a power drill to zest all the lemons. Check out the process here.

Do you have a drink recipe you'd like to share?

We have a fun riff on a John Daly called the Wade Boggs. It’s 2 ounces Misadventure & Co. Vodka, ¾ ounce lemon juice, ¾ ounce rich honey syrup, and 3 dashes orange fennel bitters layered with black tea.

What seasonal ingredients, drinks, and dishes are you enjoying right now?

When it gets cold, I love a good hot toddy. The whiskey, lemon, honey, and hot water soothes the soul.

What do you love about San Diego's food and beverage scene?

The San Diego community is very open with their processes and willing to collaborate. This sharing of knowledge constantly pushes everyone to be better. 

What is your favorite San Diego bar and restaurant?

The El Dorado Cocktail Lounge and Mission Ave Bar & Grill.

Would you like to give a shout-out to a favorite San Diego grower or farm?

I'd actually like to give a shout-out to ProduceGood (featured here). They're an amazing nonprofit that rescues unsold or ugly produce from farms, farmers’ markets, and ornamental gardens to help feed the needy.

What steps do you take to support a sustainable food system and why are these values important to you?

Misadventure acts like a caboose on the food system. We upcycle surplus baked goods from food banks and make award-winning vodka. This prevents food from going to the landfill and ensures we don't waste the resources that was used to water and grow those ingredients. The environmental savings are so significant that each sip of our vodka lowers someone's carbon footprint.

How would you like to connect to the Edible San Diego food community and why? 

I'd like to meet more sustainably-minded folks in the local food and beverage industry to see if there are fun ways to work together.

You can visit Misadventure & Co. Distillery at 2420 Grand Ave Suite C, Vista, CA 92081 and follow them on Instagram at @misadventureco.

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