There’s nothing quite like San Diego’s green gold, and local grower Noah Stehly shares some insight as to why our local avocado groves are so special in The Avocado Wars episode by Netflix’s Rotten Photo Credit:

Happy July to whoever is reading this. It’s difficult to write in times as bleak as these when the main goal is to bring joy and build community connections through food to an audience. I’m sure many of you can relate to the 2020 life theme of ‘WTF is Happening’ and trying to find a proverbial silver lining has us digging deep for solutions.

Yet, here we arrive after the blur of spring into the height of summer, COVID-19 levels rising may have you spooked, and there are a whole lot of places to not celebrate this holiday. I figure, what could be more American than couch surfing? If your weekend plans align with mine, here are five food shows to binge-watch on Netflix in case you need inspiration for something new or worth rewatching. Let’s make the most of staying home, staying healthy, the new flatbreads from the Gluten Free Baking Co., and some of our favorite drinks—and let me know what you think.

Rotten (2018)

Season one is compelling but start with the first episode of season two (2019) for a local connection. The episode features Noah Stehly of Stehly Farm Organics in Valley Center and the global challenges of the avocado market. Be warned, you’ll never want to buy something like pre-peeled garlic again after you watch all 12 episodes but it’s worth it to be more enlightened about where our food comes from.

Crazy Delicious (2020)

Let’s face it, British tele wins best reality cooking shows forever and this new one is no exception. There are only six family-friendly episodes but each one is packed with creative cooking challenges, elaborate food, a cast of diverse contestants and food gods as judges—and a hardcore case of the munchies just from watching.

Salt Fat Acid Heat (2018)

Watch San Diego native Samin Nosrat bring her internationally-acclaimed bestselling cookbook to life. Each episode is dedicated to one of Nosrat’s four elements of cooking: salt, fat, acid, and heat, exploring cuisine and culinary practices in Italy, Japan, and Mexico before coming back to Berkley, CA where Nosrat first worked at Chez Panisse. I’ve only watched it about eight times so I’m not that obsessed, right?

Cooked (2016)

If you’re as infatuated with Michael Pollan’s almost forensic food writing as I am you’ve probably already seen this show. With only four episodes and complex topics, it’s worth a rewatch because you will learn something new or be reminded of something you forgot every time. Promise.  

The Chef Show (2019)

I wanted to keep things light with a fifth show recommendation and this one was almost edged off my list for David Chang’s Ugly Delicious. Personally, I have a bigger affection for Roy Choi and he’s from the West Coast, which is the best coast, but you’ll get to see Chang in action too.

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