The skies are blue in La Mesa and residents and visitors can now breathe in cleaner air. Under the leadership of Dr. Akilah Weber, La Mesa City Council adopted smoking regulations in January 2020 to protect the health of children, seniors, expectant mothers, residents, and visitors. 

“This is a public health issue and we acted to protect you from involuntary exposure to secondhand smoke in public places,” says Dr. Weber, who commented on the topic at a Town Hall forum to increase public awareness about the new ordinance. 

The smoking ordinance prohibits smoking of any kind, including vaping, in all public areas, sidewalks, and streets.  

The dangers of secondhand smoke are well documented. There are more than 250 toxic chemicals in secondhand smoke and many are linked to cancer and other health-related issues. 

Smoking today is more harmful than ever. According to research, smoking doubles your risk of developing respiratory infections, including COVID-19, and getting sicker from it.

“La Mesa City Council is dedicated to the health and well-being of all of our residents,” Dr. Weber says while acknowledging Councilmember Kristine C. Alessio’s support. “Keeping our public places smoke-free will improve the lives of everyone.”

Congratulations to La Mesa City Council—and the residents who can now breathe a little easier.

To learn more about local smoke-free policies, visit

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