Dexter’s Deli is a local neighborhood pet store that has been providing and educating San Diegans on the best nutritional options for pets for over 25 years. We couldn’t think of a better resource to reach out to when it comes to feeding our pets. Read on to for founder Tori Rosay’s top-notch advice.

What are your go-to pet treats?

  • Fresh goat milk is super hydrating and nutritious and both dogs and cats love it. 
  • Our handmade doggy meatballs are a big hit. They’re freshly made by a local chef right here in San Diego, just like Mama would make. 
  • We also have great party cakes and pup-cakes premade and ready for any pawty. 

What foods from our kitchen are safe to feed our dog or cat?

We encourage customers to BOOST their pet bowl as often as possible. Just like we know that fresh and natural is best, it is the same for our pets. A few simple ingredients you can get right from you fridge are: 

  • Lightly-cooked organic eggs 
  • Cottage cheese
  • Broccoli stems 
  • Carrots, apples, blueberries
  • Lightly cooked chicken or turkey (no skin or bone) 
  • Fresh unpasteurized goat’s milk 
  • Cooked sweet potatoes...yum! 

Of course, some natural organic peanut butter or almond butter on a chew-bone is always fun! Just be sure to choose a brand that does not contain xylitol.

The more foods we can add with natural enzymes and antioxidants the better. There is no such thing as people food; food is food, and pet parents just need to learn the right foods for dogs and cats, and the food to stay away from, such as chocolate, onions, grapes, fatty trimmings, and cooked meaty bones - always a good idea to google a list.

Dexter’s Deli has three locations to visit around San Diego County. They are currently open Tuesday thru Saturday and would love to meet both you and your pet. Curbside pick-up is also available.

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