Not just a beer town, San Diego overflows with a variety of local, quality beverage producers. Here are some highlights of what’s happening around the county.

Newtopia Cyder

Considered a peer to beer in Europe, Americans are only now starting to understand that cider is a righteous and available alternative.

Established in 2016, Newtopia Cyder has a sophisticated operation that produces the fermented apple drink in small batches. Newtopia is taking the knowledge from its roots in the beer industry to create something distinct and awesome with two tasting rooms in San Marcos and Scripps Ranch.

Their diverse lineup of flavors range from dry to sweet, proving why Newtopia is helping lead the burgeoning cider community of San Diego.

Visit Newtopia Cyder

10045 Carroll Canyon Road A, Scripps Ranch

Setting Sun Sake Brewing Co.

The only sake brewery in San Diego—and one of the few in Southern California—Setting Sun Sake Brewing Co. is located in the exciting Miralani Makers’ District in Miramar (an industrial park that’s home to a coffee roaster, mead maker, breweries, and more). They recently expanded to the adjacent suite to open a new tasting room after two years in the business.

We’re fans of the cloudy sake, but be sure to try any of the specialty sakes that are on tap that day. Setting Sun frequently collaborates with their neighbors and holds fun events like sake and cheese pairings.

Visit Setting Sun Sake Brewing Co.

8680 Miralani Drive, Suite 120, Miramar

Palomar Water’s Hidden Tap

Nestled on the south side of the mountain, Palomar Artesian Springs is a worthwhile stop for water buffs. The spring is owned and operated by the Palomar Mountain Spring Water Company and is free and open to the public.

Located on South Grade Road, the spring’s fill station is very easy to miss; take it slow and watch out for motorcyclists zooming around the nearby turn! When San Diego Beverage Times visited, one tap was open for filling large bottles and there was also a water fountain.

For those that aren't into the drive, Palomar Mountain Spring Water can be found bottled throughout San Diego County and is available for delivery.

Visit Palomar Artesian Springs

Palomar Mountain State Park, South Grade Road, Palomar Mountain

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