The Dish: Seasonal Fruit Croissant Bites

The Chef: Joanne Sherif

Cardamom Café & Bakery has been a North Park favorite for 10 years. Owner Joanne Sherif is committed to sourcing the best ingredients, including local produce and seafood, plus grains grown and milled in California. Let’s talk about the croissant bite.

What is it? Farmers’ market apricots, Jackie’s Jams apricot jam, brie, puff pastry

Why it's so Good

Sherif uses her puff pastry to feature seasonal produce she finds at her neighborhood North Park Thursday Market. She loves to play around with sweet and savory combinations that showcase flavors from our region. The tart I had the pleasure of sampling was made with fresh apricots, Jackie’s apricot jam, and brie.

The flavor combinations of fruit and cheese change frequently, ranging from sweet to savory presentations that include everything from roasted beet and goat cheese to turkey with jalapeño cream cheese.

The Restaurant: Cardamom Café & Bakery

2977 Upas Street, North Park, San Diego

Open Daily, 7am-2pm

Cardamom Café is also committed to supporting the efforts of the California Grain Campaign, which aims to have farmers’ market bakeries using at least 20% California grains by the year 2020. Sherif incorporates California-grown Sonora wheat into her croissant dough, Bloody Butcher cornmeal in her scones, and rye flour in her cookies.

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