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Eat This Now: The Life Changing Seasonal Charcuterie Board at Trust

Maria Hesse
June 4, 2018

The Restaurant: Trust, 3752 Park Boulevard, Hillcrest, San Diego

The Dish: Charcuterie & Cheese with Chef Brad Wise’s Selection of Seasonal Accoutrements

The Details

House-cured duck ham, coppa, Spanish chorizo, mortadella, curried saison sec, pork truffle rillettes, and pork butter with caviar share space with wedges of Danish blue and SeaHive cheddar cheeses. Other accoutrements include the likes of everything lavash, nduja toast, and a Scotch egg, along with house-pickled beets, cucumbers, and cauliflower, mostarda, caramelized onion and apple jam, and mustard seeds.

What's So Great About it?

Did you read that list? And, yes the meats are house-cured. The veg is house pickled. The sourcing is as local as possible and totally seasonal. And yes, give us all the caramelized onion apple jam with a nibble of SeaHive and that nduja toast, please!

Like everything on the menu at Trust, the board changes with the seasons, local availability, and the chef's whims. But, the flavors on the board are always diverse and compelling, while still pairing well with familiar classics like “everything” seasoning on crispy lavash.

Trust that this meat and cheese board is one for the ages.

Maria Hesse
Maria Hesse is Edible San Diego's executive editor, a food and lifestyle designer, pug photographer at, and co-author...
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