Fisherman Tristan Hayman is first mate on the fishing vessel Bigfoot. He and Captain Randy Hupp catch deepwater rockfish using rod and reel for the EcoLeeser booth. Hayman became a commercial fisherman four years ago “to pay for my fishing habit,” he says.

“The fish here is so fresh it’s still wriggling,” said a man to a passerby as he waited for the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market to open. The market, which features seafood caught by local fishing boats, is located on the dock behind Seaport Village on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm.


Jenn Sablan’s popular Island Life Foods offers uni, briny lobes of the sea urchin. She buys the urchins from local divers, cracks and cleans them, then slips the raw uni back into the shell. Also for sale is tuna poke marinated Hawaiian-style, or in a spicy sauce. “It’s all about the taste of the fish,” Sablan says.


Family-owned Saraspe Seafoods specializes in lobster and spot prawns when in season. They also catch crab and fish such as bonito and ocean whitefish. Sarah Saraspe says seafood that was swimming in the water yesterday offers better quality.

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