This spring I will graduate from Bastyr University with my Masters in Nutrition for Wellness. I remember when I was at a halt in my nursing profession, confused about how to grow in a  career that I began to feel major burn out in.

I love helping people, but as an emergency room nurse, I felt that I was no longer helping people get better but rather just putting band-aids on their bigger problems. As much pressure as I felt to further my career as a nurse practitioner, the role did not speak to me the way nutrition and holistic health did.

I have always loved to cook and strongly believe in the food as medicine concept. I discovered Bastyr’s graduate program while browsing the internet one day and was intrigued by the curriculum- Whole Foods Production, Therapeutic Cooking, Cooking Demonstrations, and more? I needed to be a part of this program, and with a leap of faith I committed as a part time student so that I could continue to work as a registered nurse.

Looking back on my past three years as a student at Bastyr, I am so grateful for the mind-blowing scientific education I have learned, the lifelong friends I have gained in both the Naturopathic Doctorate and Nutrition programs, as well as the professional connections I have established. I highly recommend this Nutrition Program to everyone who is interested in furthering their career as a health professional or just curious about how to enhance their knowledge and understanding of nutrition and cooking with whole foods.

Devon Cassidy, RN

Bastyr University, MSNW candidate, spring 2020


A graduate degree program in nutrition from Bastyr University prepares students to become leaders in whole-food education. Students gain a scientific foundation for understanding the vast world of nutrition. Bastyr nutrition degrees are framed on a whole-food philosophy and reflect a holistic understanding of mind, body, spirit and health. Bastyr teaches students to draw connections between food and wellness in community, clinical and research applications.

At Bastyr University, students gain more than just knowledge. They develop tools for communicating complex information in simple ways that transform peoples' lives. Bastyr has been a leader in the natural health arts and sciences for more than 40 years, delivering an education that integrates health, science and nature. We create professionals who want to make the world healthier for all.

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