Vincent Ripol is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in helping clients improve strength, stamina, flexibility, balance—and a sense of humor—in a 45-minute training session. For over five decades, Vincent has guided clients toward their health and fitness goals through the use of dumbbells, resistance bands, cardio equipment, and the ultimate challenge of bodyweight exercises. After discovering weightlifting as a teenager, he started helping a few friends, eventually became a personal trainer at different gyms including the YMCA, and now trains in his studio on the border of Old Town and Mission Hills. 

Vincent Ripol, Personal Trainer.

During every session, the spacious, private training environment is temperature-controlled and the music is tailored to each client’s individual preferences. Windows overlooking the city of San Diego offer inspired western views that are invigorating and motivating, even on those rare days when the weather may not be as perfect as usual. Underground parking and street spaces are readily available, leaving more energy for exercise. 

For those unsure about personal training, a free initial session can be helpful in making a decision. Session rates as low as $55 are available with a long-term commitment and smaller packages are reasonably priced to meet your budget and schedule.

For more information about getting the Ripol Effect, contact Vincent Ripol at

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