Having the ability to cook is one thing, and finding the good in it can be another. There are drawbacks, like all the dishes to wash. There are also plenty of occasions in life to leave the cooking to the professionals, and so many prepared food options that make takeout and delivery too easy. Still, breaking out the apron can offer many benefits.

1. It’s the most convenient it’s ever been

If we have some kind of kitchen indoors, with access to water, electricity, and fuel, we are fortunate indeed. By keeping food prep simple, we can make time for it in our busy lives.

2. It gives you more control over what’s going into your body

We’re grateful when we have food at all—too many don’t. And too often, we eat mindlessly. Don’t stress: This isn’t about someone else telling you what to eat. All we’re saying is try to be mindful and connect with others to make your food your medicine. You deserve it.

3. Discover and share the abundance

Fact: There are few things that offer as much joy as a good meal made with intention and shared with others. No matter your beliefs, gratitude really starts to flow when you’ve talked to the farmer or raised those herbs yourself. When we take the time to cook at home, it can be a little moment in our day to focus on our health.

4. Cooking is fun and creative

Cooking is an art and a science that can connect us with family, places, cultures, and more through all seven senses. Don’t get hung up on perfection. Invite your kids, friends, or significant other to get into the kitchen. Things don’t always turn out as expected, but experimenting can be fun and delicious.

5. It makes for great fuel efficiency

Did you know that an idling car in a drive-thru line releases up to one pound of CO2 every 15 minutes? Microwaving an Amy’s frozen breakfast burrito might be a far more ecologically sound option if you’re in a rush. If and when you do pick up takeout, park the car, turn off the engine, and go inside to get your order. Depending on where you’re getting takeout from, you can preorder over the phone or through apps, schedule pickup times, and dash right in and out.

6. It saves money

Prepared meals cost on average 325% more than a meal cooked at home.

7. Cooking actively endorses a sustainable life skill

Of course, we’re biased, but mastering some cooking basics, figuring out the best way to make your favorite meals, and trying new things can connect us with people all over the world who care about our personal and collective health. And who doesn’t want to make friends with more people who’ve discovered how making changes to seemingly small, everyday actions actually do add up to big impact?

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Edible San Diego Issue 65 Spring 2022 Full Circle
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