Image: Courtesy Izola Bakery.

Izola Bakery serves croissants and sourdough hot from the oven. The 96 layered croissants are as big as your hand. When was the last time (or ever) you had a croissant hot from the oven? 

If you are craving a really good croissant or sourdough loaf…head to Izola.

Have friends visiting San Diego…impress them with breakfast at or from Izola.

Special dinner or brunch plans…order ahead for pick up. Your friends and family will be wowed and thank you.

Izola’s hot from the oven, baking all day concept means you can enjoy a fresh, hot, layered, buttery croissant or a warm piece of crusty sourdough with added sides of French butter or local honey. Plus, there’s live music ranging from opera to jazz and guitar to enhance the Izola weekend experience. 

Image: Courtesy of Izola Bakery.

I encourage ordering ahead, even if you plan to eat at the café, to be sure what you want is available when you arrive. You can also pre-order for curbside pick up or delivery within five miles (because they are committed to delivering your order hot). Izola is currently open Thursday and Friday from 8am to 6pm, and weekends 8am to 2pm. This allows Team Izola three full days to prepare dough. When there’s time and oven space, dog biscuits also appear.

Image: Courtesy Izola Bakery.

Izola Bakery is a refuge to visit and hang out at. In June 2020, Jeffrey Brown reimagined his professional photography studio as San Diego remained closed due to the pandemic. Having returned from Paris he asked himself, “Can I make the same croissants I’ve been eating in Paris?” The answer is YES! He transformed the 450 square foot upstairs space into a kitchen. The large photography studio with white walls became a welcoming café with red tables, chairs, and a couple of sofas. Izola celebrated its one-year anniversary in June but had to live with only one Salva oven baking batches of 48 croissants and an oven like you have at home baking five loaves of sourdough until November 2021. A new Salva oven has since arrived, which allows Izola to increase its on-demand baking capacity. 

Image: Courtesy Izola Bakery.

While the bakery smells and natural light in the third-floor East Village corner space with enormous windows draws you in, it’s Team Izola that invites you to stay. All Covid protocols are in place. The hospitality, baked goods, and fast wifi make it a great place to take a break or work away from home while enjoying a croissant and latte.

Izola and I made it through the worst of the pandemic—hot croissants and sourdough have become my solace. Trust that you knead some Izola. Order ahead, let them know if you’ll be dining in and at what time, and have hot croissants and bread waiting for you. 

Join me in my Izola addiction.

Izola Bakery

710 13th St., San Diego • 619-289-8358

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