Tasty, easy to grow, and high in vitamins A and C, pocket melons (small muskmelons) are perfect for spring planting.

Originating in Ancient Egypt, the whole plant has been used for centuries: The leaves are used for dolma, the seeds for oil, the fruit as a savory side or as a perfume, and the melons carried whole in pockets.

Also known as plum grannies, they are light enough to trellis and grow easily with well-drained soil, lots of sun, and air flow. For small spaces, add an obelisk trellis to a pot and train the vines. Or, create an Instagrammable dinner spot in your own backyard by training the vines over a pergola that lets the melons drape overhead.

Pocket melons slip off the vine when they are ripe and ready. Slice and sprinkle with your favorite spices, then quickly grill and enjoy the caramelized sweetness.

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