Originally hailing from Asia, Fuyu persimmons are in season and ripen in San Diego roughly from September to December.

You’ll find fans of the fruit savoring Fuyus straight out of hand. Unlike other persimmon varieties, this non-astringent fruit is best to enjoy when it’s still firm.

Sink your teeth into the sunburst-colored skin and enjoy a complex flavor reminiscent of pear, stone fruit, cinnamon, and toasted coconut sugar.

The Fuyu is as healthy as it is tasty. Plant phenols, flavonoids, antioxidants, and a significant fiber content make the persimmon wonderful heart-healthy and cancer-preventive food therapy.

Get creative by slicing it into a mixed green salad with goat cheese and pine nuts or sear it on the grill before dicing into a festive salsa.

Have a vegan in your life who loves sweets? The overripe Fuyu’s gelatinous center is perfect blended with chia seeds for vegan pudding.

If you’re so inclined, Fuyus mix up well in cocktails and mocktails too.

Get them while you can at your local farmers market.

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