As the season shifts from summer to autumn, we begin to anticipate all those nostalgic fall feels. Leaves change from vibrant green to muted hues of orange, brown, and yellow. The air begins to feel crisp and chilly. The smells of fireplaces and warm maple fill the air, the night sky gets darker, and the harvest moon shines brighter. 

Oh, wait, just kidding. We live in San Diego, it’s still 95° outside and I killed my succulents by overwatering them during the shutdown. 

San Diego is great and it has its perks, of course. Perfect weather year-round and beautiful people, even throuples—but the downside is that we miss out on the changing seasons. Not to worry, Bivouac Ciderworks has you covered. 

What else comes to mind when you think of Fall? That’s right––cider! Oh, wait, did you say pumpkin spice? Well, that’s okay too because Bivouac’s pumpkin spice cider is out NOW. Cider was the original pumpkin spice latte before Starbucks was even invented so if you want that first taste of autumn sip, head over to Bivouac Ciderworks in North Park to satisfy your tastebuds. Plus, get a headstart on the cuffing season because Bivouac is also known as San Diego’s perfect first date spot

If pumpkin is not your jam, no worries. San Diego Jam, Bivouac’s crisp blackberry cider is available year-round along with a variety of other flavors. Or, try Savoy, an English pub-style apple cider that will transport you to a brisk fall day in Virginia. Well, not exactly, but if you crank up the AC in your apartment (if you even have it in San Diego, am I right?), light a Crisp Campfire scented candle, put on your favorite cozy sweater, and sip on one of Bivouac’s ciders, you’ll get pretty dang close. 

Bivouac Ciderworks is open Thursday through Sunday from noon until night. Find Bivouac cider in restaurants and liquor stores throughout San Diego and Orange County. Check the Where to Buy tab on the website for specific locations. Sign up for Bivouac’s newsletter or follow @bivouaccider on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on specialty releases and their latest events.

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