Gisel Barrett’s hunger for healthy Mexican snacks prompted a collection. Now, the narrows of Barrio Logan’s Maxa Market can hardly contain the discoveries of owners Barrett and Edgar Flores. The vegan goods are vetted for social responsibility, community reinvestment, natural sourcing, and bridge the border with modern techniques and traditional goodwill.

The store is currently closed to pedestrian shopping but taking orders online and customers can opt to have goods delivered locally, shipped, or schedule a pickup time Tuesday through Sunday.

MuMa Paxil Salsas

In Tijuana, Ángel Ibarra and Ángel López explore their passion for chiles. The Valle de Guadalupe olive oil-based salsas pair complementary tastes and textures that range from savory blends with peanuts, sesame, and pepitas to sweet bites of figs with pistachios.


Maxa’s selection of chamoys—a sweet, sour, and salty chile-spiked condiment—line the side wall. Ready-to-drizzle tubes of Chilito Sirilo hold the tartest paste. Beside it, jars of Dulce Encanto contain a subtle blend of hibiscus, tamarind, chiles, and stevia in a jam-like consistency. Bottles of Nainari Artisan Chamoy offer a glossy chile sauce fruited with tamarind and tejocote.

Amaranth Girl Cosmetics Lip Balm

The sweet scent of cocoa butter rises from the lip balms crafted by Amaranth Girl Cosmetics. Damaris Ortiz, whose line of Abbas House amaranth bars can be found on the shelves at Maxa (try the coffee-spiked ones), learned that the native grain’s oil is not only anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant-rich, but also perfect for lip balm.

2151 Logan Ave. Studio D, San Diego, CA 92113

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