I feel deeply honored that we have spent this time together with you, our valued reader. We are so grateful to each of our contributors and advisors, friends old and new. Special thanks are due to the entire team at the Climate Science Alliance, who’ve contributed to this special edition from start to finish.

How do you feel as you flip through these pages? Every bite and sip we take into these amazing bodies of ours reveals just how mind-bogglingly, exquisitely, and unavoidably we are all interdependent. The stories we tell ourselves and pay attention to strongly impact how we view ourselves, the world, and what the future holds. Let’s examine our assumptions, and share stories that uplift us. Yes, climate change invokes many emotions, but maybe our welfare and possible futures reflect more about who we are right now than we usually think. We hope this issue offers new tools with which to examine our own dynamic roles in this biosphere, circle of life, or food system.

With apologies for any errors or omissions in this issue, over the past few months, I realized that the topics that we could just barely touch on here call out to me. There were many people who offered their valuable time, knowledge, and support, and we look forward to sharing their contributions in the future. I intend to continue reaching out to people who know more about regenerative thinking and traditional ecological knowledge so that Edible San Diego can share this learning with you, our community.

So this page isn’t really an ending at all. May this issue invite readers into a closer relationship with this unique, beautiful region we call home. May we seek and live in an ever more respectful relationship with nature and with each other. May we rise to the challenges we face with new humility, partnership, and the joy that comes from simple pleasures.

Katie Stokes

Publisher and Editor in Chief, Edible San Diego

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Edible San Diego Issue 65 Spring 2022
Cover image courtesy of Deborah Small.

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