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Natural Wellness: The Five Best Apps for Meditation On-The-Go

September 15, 2018
Simple Habit

Are you traveling, working late, living in small apartment, or simply don’t have time for meditation? I had all the same excuses, but these days meditation is as important to me as breakfast.

Once you start making meditation a daily practice, you will find it reduces stress, improves concentration, and increases overall feelings of happiness, and these  five apps and online resources make it easy for anyone to get started anywhere.

Quick Meditation On-The-Go

Simple Habit is my current favorite. They have both guided and unguided meditations with teachers like my two top choices, Cory Muscara and Amandine Roche. You can search them by names or select practice themes like “Follow Your Bliss or “Happy Work Life”. They also have a dedicated “On the Go” category with 5-20 minute options on topics like “Morning”, “Commuting”, or “After Work”. This is your one stop shop for meditation practices, no matter where you are.

Simple Habit

Four Minute Meditations

Bex Life provides 4 minute meditations. That’s right, not even a full 5 minutes, just 4 minutes, guys!

The creator of Bex is a mother of five, a meditation and yoga guide, a TV host, a best-selling author, and a life coach. Whew, did you get all that? If she can juggle all of that then surely you can find 4 minutes of your time to meditate and make room for more of what you desire in life.

She covers topics like anxiety, creativity, inner peace, weight loss, and even fertility. If you like having a visual aid rather than just hearing a soothing voice, this Youtube star’s app is for you. She’s the type of person you can imagine as your BFF, and she keeps the meditations light, fun, and easy.  

Bex Life

A Beginner and Kid-Friendly Meditation App

I love Headspace for its user friendly interface. They keep meditation very practical for the newbie with adorable animations and tutorials to give you the rundown. This one is especially great for children. And if you’re a sucker for English accents, then this one is definitely for you. Start with 3 minute meditations and work you way up to 20 minutes.

While You Walk the Dog Meditation Podcast

Mary is a certified meditation teacher who is the creator of the popular Daily Meditation Podcast where she has customized over 700 meditations. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Mary personally and she is the real deal. She has walking meditations, visualization meditations, tea meditations, and much more. Her meditations are 10-30 minutes, and perfect for practicing while walking your dog or eating breakfast.

Daily Meditation Podcast
Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful is a vegan travel-yoga-lifestyle website and YouTube channel with a section of beautifully guided meditations.

Doing yoga as a meditative practice reaps double the rewards. While meditation calms the mind, yoga balances the body. Boho Beautiful offers both meditation and mindful yoga practices that range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, with special morning and night time routines available. Most practices are shot on exotic beaches and candlelit lodges around the world, so the visual treats of jungles and waterfalls in Costa Rica, Indonesia, and Cambodia are sure to get you in a zen mood even faster.

Lisa Ormsby
Lisa Ormsby is a San Diego-based conscious living, meditation, and wellness writer and photographer.
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