Whether you’re familiar with Filipino cuisine or tasting it for the first time, Gerry’s Grill is worth a drive south to Bonita. Founded in Quezon City in 1997, Gerry’s quickly became a staple restaurant in the Philippines. Today, there are more than 100 branches worldwide, from Singapore to Qatar.

The San Diego branch is is located on the second level of the Bonita mall and has communal tables for up to 180 people. It’s the fourth branch in the United States and the chefs were all trained at branches in the Philippines to ensure consistency and quality of the food.

sisig, rice, fried chicken and shrimp at Gerry's Grill

The Food

The menu features a wide variety of traditional Filipino dishes, desserts, and drinks that you’d find on the original Gerry’s Grill menu in the Philippines. Don’t miss classics like sizzling plates of both pork and bangus (milkfish) sisig, served with onions and a lemon to squeeze over the top to add some acidic brightness. For a real Filipino-style experience, add the optional raw egg and mix it in with the hot meat.

Kare Kare at Gerry's Grill/ Sumastre Photography
Halo Halo at Gerry's Grill
Kare Kare at Gerry's Grill/ Sumastre Photography
Halo Halo at Gerry's Grill

Kare Kare is another go-to order. This Filipino stew is made with a rich, thick peanut sauce and is served with tender beef, eggplant, and green beans. Bagoong (Filipino shrimp paste) is served on the side to add a salty, slightly sweet element.

Seafood lovers can indulge in the bangus ala pobre (milkfish with garlic). The grilled boneless fish is simply seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic and served with an assortment of vegetables on top.

Everything on the menu pairs well with Gerry’s buttery, garlic rice that’s served with garlic chips on top.

Finish strong with Leche Flan, a rich, Filipino-style custard flan, or a classic Halo-Halo shaved ice topped with ube (purple yam) ice cream, red beans, evaporated milk, jackfruit, and small jello cubes. (Mix it all together into one glorious, purple slurry.)

Gerry’s Grill

The Drinks

Enjoy sweet Mango and Calamansi smoothies, or a super traditional sagot gulamana, a cold brown sugar drink studded with sago pearls and grass jelly.

Gerry’s Iced Tea is another classic drink worth trying, as it’s a classic Filipino lemon iced tea served with a fresh lemon on top.

Draft beers are served by bottle, pitcher, or beer tower. A variety of red and white wines are served by the glass or the bottle.

Visit Gerry’s Grill

3050 Plaza Bonita Rd, National City

Open everyday, Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm, Sunday 11am-7pm


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