"My nutrition degree from Bastyr University gave me the perfect blend of nutrition sciences and art, with the necessary backbone of wellness. Not only did I get an in-depth understanding of the biochemistry going on (regarding nutrients, microbiome, nutrigenomics, etc.), but received culinary training on how to actually apply that science to food. I was equipped to know how to go beyond the classroom and study nutrition and wellness deeper, and to venture out on the journey of starting my own business. It truly is a unique program to be treasured. "

Noelle Parton, MS, CN

Bastyr MSNW Graduate 2018

Owner, Simply to Thrive

Kitchen Lab Coordinator, Culinary Instructor, Bastyr University California

A graduate degree program in nutrition from Bastyr University prepares students to become leaders in whole-food education. Students gain a scientific foundation for understanding the vast world of nutrition. Bastyr nutrition degrees are framed on a whole-food philosophy and reflect a holistic understanding of mind, body, spirit and health. Bastyr teaches students to draw connections between food and wellness in community, clinical and research applications.

At Bastyr University, students gain more than just knowledge. They develop tools for communicating complex information in simple ways that transform peoples' lives. Bastyr has been a leader in the natural health arts and sciences for more than 40 years, delivering an education that integrates health, science and nature. Bastyr creates professionals who want to make the world healthier for all.

If you are interested in turning your calling into a career, start your journey at bastyr.edu.

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