Proteins, those complex chains of amino acids that are a part of every living organism, happen to be a topic at the center of almost every nutritional and dietary recommendation ever made.

If you’re someone making informed choices about the things you eat to fuel your body, you’re probably (frequently) thinking: Am I getting enough protein? How much protein should I be eating? What types of proteins are best for me?

At least, we often ask ourselves these same questions here at Edible San Diego. Meanwhile, readers are often asking us another question: What can be done to support a healthier local food system? So we thought we would look for answers to these questions, together.

Our September/October issue explores the proteins that power conscious eaters across the region. In our food coverage, we look to be inclusive of all of you living in this massive metaspace of dietary lifestyles in a way that honors each individual’s perspective and choices.

Our content is not intended to provide medical or nutritional advice, and we encourage our readers to seek support from specialists as needed.

So whether you’re a plant-loving vegan, an MMA-fighting Paleo devotee, or someone looking to make a better choice when seeking a convenient and delicious grass-fed cheeseburger, we’ve got you covered.

It’s part of our mission to get you to think about where your food comes from. We know that something’s not necessarily healthy and sustainable just because it’s local. We know that there are barriers to accessing best choices, most often starting with time and energy at the end of a long day. But, for those who seek wellness for themselves and the planet, we can work to make better choices when and where we can.

Many thanks to the nutrition faculty and students from Bastyr University for contributing simple, versatile, delicious, and nutritionally balanced recipes for home cooks of all skill levels and households small and large. And thanks to Da-Le Ranch for the beautiful eggs and meat featured in the recipes and images in the current issue. (You truly can tell by the quality and flavor when the animals are free-range, well-fed, loved, and cared for.)

Stay tuned this month for articles, recipes, and fitness coverage for a healthy, active, and protein-powered San Diego.

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