Is dinner at home feeling a bit repetitive these days? Now's a great time to get creative by trying new recipes and pairing them with a movie. We're highlighting three food-centric films and related recipes from our collection. Have your own favorite dinner and a movie combination? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Julie & Julia (2009)

With extra time at home many are turning to kitchen projects to pass the time. How about 524 recipes in 365 days? That's what Julie Powell, portrayed by Amy Adams, sets out to do in Julie & Julia (available on Netflix). Powell cooks her way through Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking during 2002 in search of direction and finds her passion is mirrored in Child's own journey in 1950s Paris.

The Pairings

Settle in with these French-inspired recipes that are simpler than Child's but still full of flavor. With choices like farm-to-table crudités, crispy roasted chicken, and sourdough crepes to choose from you may want to watch this one on repeat.

Little Lion Parsley Pesto with Crudités

Lemon Pepper Tuna and White Bean Tartine

Butternut Squash and Prosciutto Sourdough Galette

Vegetarian Niçoise Salad with Asparagus & Quick Pickled Onions

Roast Chicken Legs with Mustardy Apples, Fennel and Carrots

Salt-Roasted Potatoes with Herby Salsa Verde

Sourdough Crepes

Madeleines with a Heart of Nutella

Michele Coulon’s Apple Pie

Big Night (1996)

Stanley Tucci writes, directs, and stars in Big Night (available on Amazon Prime), a comedic-drama set in 1950s New Jersey. Two brothers are determined to win over Americans with authentic Italian cuisine but are challenged at every turn. When a neighboring restaurateur offers to help they prepare a feast of epic portions that they hope will put them on the map.

The Pairings

Since Italian food is all about using the best ingredients we rounded up these straightforward recipes that highlight the bounty of San Diego's produce. From pasta to flatbread and crostini to salsa verde there's textures and unique flavor combinations to make you fall in love with Italian food all over again.

Ricotta and Rosemary-Roasted Grape Crostini

Vegan Italian White Bean Soup

Charred Broccolini with Garlic, Lemon, and Parmesan

Radicchio and Citrus with Salsa Verde

Florentine Grilled Vegetables with Hazelnuts and Bright Vinaigrette

Roman Spaghetti with Artichokes, Asparagus, & Ricotta Salata

Autumn Apple and Fennel Flatbread

Monzu Fresh Pasta Authentic Pesto alla Ligure

Farmers Market Feast: Strawberries with Balsamic & Basil

Winter Citrus Salad with Olive Oil and Honey

Chef (2014)

Tune into Chef (available on Amazon Prime) to watch Jon Favreau play Carl Casper, a creatively-restricted chef who hits the road in search of culinary and life inspiration. Along the way he tastes and reconnects with his roots that recharge him in the kitchen and at home.

The Pairings

From our recipe archives we chose dishes that we turn to again and again for their comforting aromatics and diverse flavors. From smokey baba ghanoush or sweet and tangy pad Thai to honey soaked fig cake these are recipes tasty enough to keep you satisfied during the crave-inducing scenes of Chef.

Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodles) with Chicken

Tom Yum Nam Khon

Classic Pad Thai

Next Level Baba Ghanoush

Street Corn Soup

Kimchi-Spiced Cucumber and Radish Salad

Beef and Toasted Pine Nut Kebabs with Blistered Tomatoes

Harissa Chicken with Saffron & Date Herbed Rice

Gluten-Free Brownies with Tahini Drizzle

Pistachio Fig Cake with Honey and Ricotta

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