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Setting up a Home Bar

We are covering the home bar basics so you can enjoy Happy Hour at home.

October 30, 2020
Courtesy You & Yours Distilling Co.

With a new wave of cases and continued closures of bars, it only makes sense to stay home and improve your bartending abilities. A decent home bar doesn’t require a fancy bar cart or nook, and it’s as simple as gathering a few key ingredients to create refreshing libations when happy hour rolls around.  


Build your barware set as you go through the process, rather than buying everything at once: cocktail shaker, stirring spoon, mesh strainer, jigger, citrus juicer, cocktail ice cube molds, and glassware.


Keep locally distilled classics on hand so you can try a variety of recipes. Think whiskey (bourbon and rye), vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and mezcal.

From vintage glassware to the perfect muddlers, Collins & Coupe carries everything you need and more to create a home bar. Courtesy of Collins & Coupe


Keep a variety of mixers on hand and you are already halfway to making great cocktails. A mixer is often the foundation of a cocktail, elevating the profile of the spirit while making it easier to drink. Mixers range from fresh juices and simple syrups to sparkling tonics and liqueurs such as Vermouth.

Feeling creative? Try making your own tonic with local shrubs. Check out our grapefruit rosemary shrub. Shrub tonics are delicious on their own and can be sipped as a mocktail.

Lineup of Kismet Refining Company’s Core & Seasonal Shrub Vinegars. Courtesy of Kismet Refining Company
Courtesy of Temecula Olive Oil Company

Aromatics and Garnishes

A dash of bitters and a fresh garnish goes a long way. By no means is this necessary to create a good cocktail, but you will find the aromatic enhancement takes the flavor to another level. It can be as easy as adding an olive to a Martini and an orange peel to an Old Fashioned. Have fun with it!

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