It’s hard to miss the pink facade of La Mesa’s SPLIT Bakehouse nestled in a courtyard at Grossmont Center. The cheerful storefront is where owner Vanessa Corrales and crew twirl through puffs of flour and rainbow sprinkles. The bakery once offered a half vegan, half non-vegan menu (hence the name), but in 2021 Corrales committed to a fully vegan menu. After the transition, SPLIT was able to maintain wholesale customers who had grown to trust her vegan pastries were as good, if not better than traditional ones.

Image: SPLIT Bakehouse.

First Vegan Bakery to Win Best Bakery in San Diego

Then the accolades rolled in. Defying the odds, her all-vegan bakery captured two coveted San Diego Magazine Best of awards in 2021. SPLIT Bakehouse was named Reader's Pick for Best Bakery, rising above the many traditional bakeries in the city. Then, in an unexpected twist, SPLIT was also voted Reader’s Pick for Best Vegetarian/Vegan, an honor historically reserved for restaurants.

What to Order at SPLIT Bakehouse

Sink your teeth through crackling layers of SPLIT’s flakey butter or chocolate croissants and it becomes clear why this is an award-winning bakery.

The ever-changing offering of baked goods reflects Corrales’ Latina roots. What she’s really known for is weaving classics into the menu like vanilla bean flecked conchas. Her vegan version of this traditionally dairy-rich Mexican sweet bread is encased in a gratifying vanilla bean shell. The bakery also offers comforting items like cheeze danishes spotted with raspberry preserves and tender scones swirled with orange zest under a fragrant lavender glaze. 

Image: SPLIT Bakehouse.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to go savory with your selections. The thought of cheesy vegan biscuits spiked with roasted jalapeños and juicy corn sparks a great food memory.

SPLIT Bakehouse goods can be found and purchased at many popular coffee shops throughout San Diego or stop by the baker's takeout window in La Mesa for fresh batches and seasonal specials. Order online or check their website for more info and find locations offering SPLIT Bakehouse treats at a favorite coffee shop near you through the map on their website

SPLIT Bakehouse

(located next to the Grossmont Center food court)

5500 Grossmont Center Dr. #219 

La Mesa, CA

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