Partners John-Paul Bulow and Tony Beck are working hard to keep New Mexico-based bison meat company Beck and Bulow alive and well.

Bulow and Beck started selling buffalo meat (American Bison) two years ago when they realized that sharing this delicious, nutritious, environmentally beneficial meat could build demand that would enable many more American Bison or buffalo to survive and thrive.

The pair took over a ranch that had been in operation for 20 years in an area perfectly suited to this magnificent creature. A native to our continent, when allowed to practice its natural behavior, American Bison regenerate the soil, contributes to carbon sequestration, increases biodiversity, and improves the local watershed.

When sold at local farmers markets, Beck and Bulow are amazed at how many vegetarians make the exception to eat their

very special meat, which is off the charts when it comes to vitamin B-12 and Omega 3s.

The company uses humane standards to raise the bison, the butcher is Amish, and they age the meat to perfection with zero gaminess and tons of flavor as they sell pretty much everything “nose to tail” in the form of ground, patties, stew meat, organ meats, tongue, tenderloin, ribeyes, filet mignon, roasts, short ribs, other slow cook items, bratwursts, jerky, and more. It is their small way of reducing food waste and honoring the animals.

To Bulow and Beck, the buffalo represents a more balanced and heartfelt way of life, and they respect the ancient ways of the people who lived in New Mexico long before they did, and appreciate learning from them.

The company donates 5-10% of profits to non-profits, and hold annual winter and summer food/supply drives for the Lakota people in South Dakota to thank them for having taught so much about the sacredness of bison meat and the abundant energy it provides.

While there are other national “butchers boxes” on the market, and other local sources of sustainable meat, Bulow and Beck bison meat is worth considering for it’s nutritional and ecological benefits to the West, and to the planet.

The meat keeps in a freezer indefinitely, so it’s a great food to have on hand in uncertain times.

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Beck and Bulow ship nationwide, and orders ship via Fedex with dry ice every MONDAY. Call or text to place a meat order (505) 467-9927 or visit for the $245 packs.

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All California website orders will automatically receive 2 FREE POUNDS of ground bison.

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