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Sustainably Farmed Seabass Highlights at WILDCOAST Anniversary

Behind the scenes at a virtual fundraiser featuring local food, cocktails, and art

October 2, 2020

On September 25, 2020, Jen Phillips, art and culinary curator at Gracey Lane Gallery produced Keep It Wild, a fundraising anniversary event to benefit WILDCOAST. The nonprofit organization celebrated 20 years of global conservancy working to protect 31.6 million acres of marine ecosystems and wildlife. Phillips partnered with local artists, artisans, and chefs to showcase the creative and sustainable energy of our community. The event was hosted through a virtual broadcast that brought in live performances from locations across the county.

Elaine Masters took her camera to the scene at Gracey Lane Farm to preview live art demonstrations, Trust Me Vodka and M Kombucha cocktails preparations, and a seabass cooking demonstration with chef Cody Bryan Requejo from Pacifico Aquaculture, a sustainable Baja-based finfish farm that we’ve been nerds about for a while

Proceeds benefit WILDCOAST. For those interested in purchasing artwork, the auction is open through October 6, 2020. Serious buyers can contact with questions. 

Elaine Masters
Ever curious and hungry for adventure, Elaine is a passionate freelance travel and food writer and videographer. As founder of, she fo
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