Meet the San Diego company helping local food businesses serve customers better and profit from delivery.

Third-party food delivery can be a great convenience for customers and restaurants alike. But the high-commission and the blind-transaction model employed by the major food apps simply isn’t sustainable for local food. Customers suffer when restaurants raise prices to offset usurious (25-40%) commissions and can’t communicate to provide the personal touch that makes local special.

Enter TakeIn, a San Diego startup on a mission to help local food businesses thrive and take back their customers. The inspiration for TakeIn was frustration finding authentic local food.

Tourist-traps, national brands, and franchises dominate Internet searches, and the major delivery apps heavily promote their national partners

When you order sushi from locals like Cloak and Petal through TakeIn, you save and the restaurant keeps more of the profits. Win-Win.

So TakeIn built a marketplace that’s local food only, and developed a suite of tools enabling restaurants to connect with and serve customers as though they were in-person. On TakeIn restaurants do not pay monthly fees or commissions, receiving the whole check and tips so they’re positioned to give customers the best value possible.

Customers save and local food wins, isn’t that refreshing?

With COVID-19 making delivery make-or-break for restaurants TakeIn can help many small food businesses thrive despite exceedingly difficult circumstances for the industry.

Here’s how you can play your part:

1. Get TakeIn in the Apple or Play Store. You save and Restaurants make up to 64% more on than on Uber Eats or Door Dash. That difference has never mattered more than now.

2. Tell your favorite local restaurants you’d like to get their food delivered on TakeIn so they can take better care of you and make more money.

3. Tell your friends to order on TakeIn for locals only specials. Share online with #TakeInLocal

4. Tip your restaurants and delivery drivers. They are taking great personal and financial risks to stay open, nourish, and serve the community in scary times for us all.  

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