What was your motivation for starting Smallgoods Cheese Shop and Cafe?


Our motivation for starting Smallgoods was born from our love of the awesome, small-batch products found all over the United States. When we were ready to start our business, San Diego's abundant farmer’s market scene was the perfect place to do so. Recently, we've transitioned into a storefront and that has enabled us to feature even more makers in new ways—like our cafe's sandwich menu and fantastic cheese and charcuterie boards. When the COVID-19 crisis settles down, customers will be able to find us in both places—back at markets, and in our cafe.

How is Smallgoods adapting to the pandemic?


This has been a very difficult time for small businesses. We opened our shop one month before COVID-19 and never closed. Great timing, right? We've been denied both Federal and local grant assistance. So we're maximizing the cafe's full potential by offering everything from coffee and lunch with great sandwiches, to grab and go cheeses, charcuterie, and shareable platters. We even offer prepared foods from a few of our fellow farmers’ market vendor friends. We also host Heritage Family Farms (fresh fruits and veggies) in front of our shop twice a week.

How are you working to help others?


We're helping others in a few different ways: supporting small-batch, artisan food makers around the country, educating our community about these foods, and creating community access to products that are seldom seen. Our food system has been severely disrupted during this time and some supply channels completely halted. Many makers can't get their product into the hands of consumers outside a small region so we like to think we're certainly helping in that way. People enjoy supporting these products if given access, and with a rotating selection that often comes directly from producers, we take pride in introducing you to new and wonderful stuff.

What motivated Smallgoods to become an Edible San Diego business member?


Edible San Diego has been part of our regular reading for many, many years and we heartily support what Edible highlights—area growers, businesses and ways to get involved with your local food community. It's a very important resource and we really enjoy reading it, too! We are very proud to now be an Edible Business Member.

What do you like to cook at home these days?

Cooking at home these days is about utilizing fresh veggies and fruits picked up at the market, and stuff from the freezer! It's amazing what you can do with a few things—all, of course, sprinkled with a little cheese and some added cured meat on the side.


7524 La Jolla Blvd

La Jolla, CA 92037


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