Grangetto’s has you covered in all areas of your garden; from garden decorations, flowers, accessories, and much more! Find a Grangetto’s location near you (Encinitas, Escondido, Fallbrook, Valley Center) to purchase these holiday gifts for all budgets. 

Under $5

Gazania $2.99

This beautiful flower is great for producing a colorful looking garden. The care for this flower is limited and often non-existent, which is great for the busy body that cannot tend to their garden often.


Pansy $2.99

Pansy is a more delicate flower that is great for all seasons. This fragrant flower is also edible and great for decorating the perfect platter. Spruce your garden up with a variety of colored pansies.

San Diego Seed Company Seed Packs $3.50 each

San Diego Seed Company provides a variety of different seeds to plant. This allows you to have an infinite amount of choices for the garden of your dreams. Check it out! 

Seed Packs from San Diego Seed Company
Purple Lettuce
Seed Packs from San Diego Seed Company
Purple Lettuce

Purple Lettuce $2.99

Purple Lettuce is a unique vegetable that helps bring color to your vegetable garden. We have baby lettuce heads ready to be planted into your garden. 

Under $20

Ceramic Gecko $12.99

This Ceramic Gecko is perfect for decorating your outdoor and indoor space. This water colored decor offers a spruce of color wherever you place it. Available in multiple colors and styles.

Garden Hose Nozzle $18.49

This comfortable handheld designed garden hose nozzle is enhanced with its anti-fatigue and non-slip handle. It also has a rotating dial that allows you to regulate your water pressure. 

Ceramic Gecko

Solar Garden Light $19.99

The Solar Garden Light comes in multiple designs and colors. These great eco-friendly lights can spruce up any garden bringing light and color with its blown out colored glass.

Under $50

Sluggo Plus (2.5 lbs) $29.99

Sluggo Plus is available in 3 sizes and is great for outdoor use around your residential area. This easy to use pellet formula product kills earwigs, cutworm, sowbugs, pillbugs, crickets, ants, slugs, and snails. 

Classic Brands Wood Tower Feeder

Classic Brands Wood Tower Feeder $39.99

The Classic Brands Wood Tower Feeder is a great accessory to a garden lover. This bird feeder provides a place for birds to eat and sit when deciding their next destination.

Avocado Picking Bag (65 pounds) $45.99

This Avocado picking bag is available in 3 different sizes available up to 65 pounds. This bag has adjustable straps allowing you to collect avocados from up high without having to strain your body due to the weight of the load.

Avocado Picking Bag
Garden Box
Avocado Picking Bag
Garden Box
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