Davin and Jessica Waite, owners of Wrench & Rodent and The Whet Noodle in Oceanside, are building out the first of what is intended to be a chain of plant-based, ethically run restaurants, along with Director of Operations, Christopher Logan.

With The Plot, the team plans to support the health of their community, local economy, and the environment by sourcing from local San Diego County farms that are using regenerative practices.

This means developing a restaurant concept that is built with a zero-waste ethos based on total utilization of locally and sustainably sourced ingredients.

The Plot will be more than a restaurant, it will be a vehicle for change in the local community, and in the restaurant industry at large.

Another thing that will set The Plot apart from many other healthy dining concepts is taste. That’s where Davin and Chris come in.

Davin is often referred to as a “mad-scientist” and one of the most creative chefs in San Diego, and he and chef Christopher Logan are taking their decades of experience to create a plant-based menu that will have carnivores and vegans alike drooling.

Dishes will include the likes of a beet “pastrami” reuben; spicy chickpea “tuna” sushi; mushroom "crab" toast; sloppy joes made with walnut and shiitake stems and topped with burnt cabbage slaw; sweet potato gnocchi with fresh herbs; sweet potato pancakes topped with local apple compote and coconut syrup; and a signature house fried “chicken” and waffles plate.

By building a business that is efficient, scalable, and sustainable, Davin and Jessica will set the bar high for those who come after them. The Plot is about building a better restaurant for their community, supported by their community.

Support An Evolution in the Food Industry

Big changes require big dreams, and The Plot needs the help of the community to launch the first of many Plots in their hometown of South Oceanside.

Donate or pledge a meal online. For every $5 contributed, The Plot will donate one plant-based meal to Feeding San Diego.

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