Cali burritos, acai bowls, and fish tacos may be San Diego’s most famous exports, but these three flame-grilled dishes are emblematic new classics.

Tri-Tip “Cardiff Crack”

Anyone who has ever grilled in a San Diego backyard surely knows of Cardiff Seaside Market’s burgundy pepper tri-tip, which is affectionately nicknamed “Cardiff Crack” due to its cult following and addictiveness.

The USDA Choice tri-tip is carved from the bottom sirloin, trimmed, marinated, and infused with a burgundy pepper marinade. Tri-tip also available in a spicy chipotle.

Get it at Cardiff Seaside Market

Cardiff by the Sea

Cardiff Seaside Market

THE Carne Asada Burrito

Kennedy’s Meat Company’s carne asada has long been a hallmark of the brand, which has been around since 1972.

One of the best ways to sample it is in a burrito, available  at their Escondido storefront. The baby-sized burrito comes stuffed with rice, beans, pico de gallo, cheese, sour cream, and a heaping pile of USDA Choice flap meat carne asada.

Get it at Kennedy’s Market Escondido

Escondido & Coming Soon to Imperial Beach

Kennedy’s Market Escondido
Waite’s Cauliflower Chop, Photo by Erik Baldwin
Kennedy’s Market Escondido
Waite’s Cauliflower Chop, Photo by Erik Baldwin

Your New Favorite Chop

Davin Waite earned local fame for his inventive, hyper-local sushi creations at Wrench & Rodent, but he’s now becoming just as well-known for the plant-based, no-waste initiatives he and his wife, Jessica are exploring at their new concept.

The Plot, which is currently offering catering and will soon open as a sit-down joint in Oceanside it turning out dishes like the already iconic, fire-grilled “Waite’s Cauliflower Chop”, which is served under a blanket of avocado seed mole that’s so richly flavored it’s worth taking a knife to.

Get it at The Plot

Coming soon to Oceanside

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