Plenty of information is available for those who wish to learn more about eating well and staying physically fit, but always consult with a doctor before embarking on a new workout or diet. The following advice is intended for general knowledge only and should not be considered as a substitute for the feedback from a physician or dietician.

Experts will debate the pros and cons of nutrition, exercise, and stretching as long as humans evolve, but throughout the debates, many universal truths emerge that are worth remembering in order to live a healthy life. Professionals such as nutritionists, personal trainers, and yoga instructors can provide valuable assistance to achieve desired results, but with or without hired help, each person will need to develop daily habits that enhance any diet and workout.

Make healthy food choices

Nutritionally, it is important to drink plenty of water throughout each day, eat many different colors of vegetables and fruits, choose lean proteins and whole grains, and avoid excess fat, sugar, and processed foods. Protein bars and shakes can vary considerably when it comes to ingredients so an easy reminder is to opt for products with more protein than sugar. The calories, fat, and sodium are other items to observe on each label, but many times, if the item has more protein than sugar, other ingredients will be similarly nutritious. Try to eat a large breakfast and smaller subsequent meals. Healthy snacks can be stored in a purse, jacket, car, or desk to help resist temptations such as office parties and vending machines. When dining out, consider including more vegetables and lean proteins, avoid unlimited appetizers like fries or chips and salsa, try to have at least one glass of water between alcoholic drinks, and eat slowly, perhaps saving part of the entrée as tomorrow’s lunch. It’s great to occasionally indulge, but do so wisely.

Move a little every day

The most important aspect of exercise and stretching is consistency. Most people realize they need to brush and floss their teeth daily but it’s not as easy to view fitness and flexibility as necessary human maintenance. People skip or postpone physical activity because they’re tired, too busy or not in the mood, but how many times would someone neglect their dental hygiene for those reasons? Stretching and exercise may require more time and energy, but five minutes a day is better than nothing. Eventually, the consistency of daily activity usually motivates most people to incorporate exercise more significantly into their daily lives. 

I enjoy helping others reach their health and fitness goals. Even those that may not be able to fit personal training into their calendar can benefit from a few simple techniques to stay accountable and exercise consistently. It is possible to find suitable exercises and stretches that anyone can do anywhere at any time to meet specific needs.

Try a free session with no obligation to jump start your future fitness journey!

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