We’re almost halfway through 2019 and we're thrilled with the progress we've made on our wellness routines thanks to the natural health experts at Bastyr University who have generously sponsored this series. With accessible and sustainable wellness in mind, we’ve tackled a digital detox, spring cleaning, talking trash, and hydration thus far, and this June we turn our attention to alternative health treatments.

Maria: So looking forward to doing this next challenge with you, Olivia. This challenge is less of a challenge since we will be going to the Bastyr Clinic for a naturopathic intake and blood test with Debrah Harding, ND, FABNO during week one, followed by a vitamin infusion treatment during week two.

On days when I’m not actively engaged in an appointment, I’d like to carve out a little time to study up on the benefits (and possible risks) associated with naturopathic treatments and vitamin infusions.

Not being a huge fan of going to the doctor, I feel slightly nervous but reassured by the fact that it’s natural, and apart from the needles, mostly noninvasive. I know we can expect an intake appointment and blood test for our first visit, and an IV at the second, but I’m otherwise naive about what will happen.

Although I feel significantly better with each challenge we’ve accomplished his year, there’s no harm in looking for more natural recommendations that further support personal wellness goals. I’m still seeking ways to boost energy and focus and reduce inflammation. While naturopathy has been referred to in the past as pseudoscientific, the emerging medical evidence supports that proper nutrition and support could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and save billions in medical expenses. It’s an exciting medical practice to consider as we seek out more opportunities for integrative and holistic treatments.

Olivia:  It’s perfect timing to look into naturopathic medicine for me, too. I’m always looking for practices I can incorporate into my daily routine that fit into our mindfulness approach to wellness. Naturopathic medicine’s focus on the body as a whole instead of treating specific symptoms speaks to me and I’m looking forward to discovering ways I can support my body’s natural healing abilities. There’s so many wellness trends out there right now and I think this is a great way to wade through it all and find things that work for us as individuals. Wellness is certainly not a one size fits all answer but rather a journey that’s unique to each person. It’s great to know that Bastyr offers a complimentary 20-minute Welcome to Wellness consultation for new patients.  

Join Maria and Olivia in their journey to learn more about naturopathic medicine starting June 1, 2019. Follow along and share your experience using #EdibleSDWellnessChallenge and tagging Edible San Diego.

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