Fall 2023

ISSUE NO. 71 - FALL 2023



Welcome to our fall issue. We take an unexpected turn with the idea of Smart Food, dedicating this issue to the courageous human beings whose work in steamy kitchens and hot fields—cooperating and working with nature—exemplifies the smartest food. Their experiences ground us in the real world and in “a vision for joy combined with justice,” as Anna Mulè, executive director of Slow Food USA, recently put it.

As we assembled this issue, Maria and I savored feedback from you—how teenagers eagerly tackle the crossword puzzle (page 24), young parents appreciate the Edible for Kids by Barefoot Books section (page 37), and readers share beloved family recipes (page 8). Have you noticed we’re creating food systems-themed issues each season about land, water, people, and the microlevel? It’s a fair question to ask why. The answer is so we can all keep learning and “expand our circle of compassion,” as Einstein encouraged. Our resolve to unapologetically promote a regenerative lifestyle only got stronger in recent years when so much keeps changing for small businesses and for each of us.

Believe me, we know it’s unusual to print or read a magazine these days, and your time and energy are valuable. What sets us apart is how these velvety pages invite attention spans to exhale and relax. In these moments, we hope the stories and recipes that local human beings carefully research, write, photograph, edit, and present have an important effect: coming together with “joy and justice” to improve the health and wellness of people and our biosphere. Just being here means you’re already part of this regenerative movement, as is every contribuWe thank you for reading this magazine. Every bit of feedback helps us do better, and the many glowing ones fill our sails. If the spirit moves you, please subscribe, join our email list, and patronize our advertisers, who’d love to become a trusted part of your life.

Wishing you abundance this autumn and always,

Katie Stokes

Publisher and Editor in Chief, Edible San Diego

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