Spring 2023

ISSUE NO. 69 - SPRING 2023

Picturesque moment at Pauma Tribal Farms. Image: Lauren di Matteo.

Feet Planted Firmly on the Ground

Welcome to Land Lovers, our spring issue in which we focus on the land we rely on for sustenance and life itself. 2023 marks our 15th year of bringing people together around local food and why it’s so important, revealing, and hopeful.

Have you heard of earthing? I like how this practice invites us to relate directly with the planet. We’re born. We live. And we die. Just like everything we eat. How are we called to be in this moment? Opinions differ, but we’re here for you on this conversation and journey.

Because of the kind of magazine we are, we take on these questions here:

• Did you know San Diego County has grasslands suitable for regenerative ranching?

• You mean I can make frijoles with beans grown around here?

• What difference does it make to shop local for produce?

• We can eat flowers?

• I like wine, but what does it have to do with taking care of the land?

• I hear about reducing food waste, but what can I do?

• Enough scrolling—I want to see some of these farms for myself! Where are they?

• How is a local tribe reinventing its food sovereignty?

Let’s get to it. Thank you, Earth, for another spring. Dear reader, enjoy this season of promise and renewal.

Katie Stokes

Publisher and Editor in Chief, Edible San Diego

Squash blossoms growing at Pauma Tribal Farm. Image: Amanda Subish.

Spring 2023


Issue 69



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