Winter 2022–2023

ISSUE NO. 68 - WINTER 2022–2023


Little Things Mean a Lot

It’s winter. Make yourself something warm to drink, and let’s sit for a while.

Welcome to something unexpected. We have spent this entire year shifting to a regenerative mindset. This fall we considered people in the food system inspiring good change. Where does this journey bring us this season? To a world we know very little about but which literally makes our lives possible. In this issue, we explore the microbiome in our bodies, living soils, and how they are connected.*

It makes sense when you stop to think about it, doesn’t it?

Healthy soils enable nutrient-dense foods to grow. When more people eat nutrient-dense foods and channel resources out of a waste stream into fruitful use, the virtuous cycle can continue. Indeed, our wellness, energy, and ability to fend off disease reflect a delicate balance of factors invisible to the naked eye. Join us as we take an introductory look at these marvelous, mysterious processes under the ground and inside our bodies.

These “little things” are everywhere, so let’s meet some spontaneous beer, get the lowdown on kombucha, and try our hand at composting.

For some inspiration in the kitchen with helpers of all sizes, we present Edible for Kids: Delicious Dumplings and a crossword puzzle to play with some of the terms you see on these pages. As I look back over this year, I am very proud of our team. Maria Hesse, our executive editor, has been instrumental and such fun to work with as we charted a new editorial path and design style. We are so honored that the 2022 San Diego Press Club Awards recognized 13 examples of excellent work by our talented contributors. Thank you to every advertiser, member, subscriber, and reader. We are very excited to go deeper on stories about how eating can be a conscious, healing, inclusive act in our upcoming 15th anniversary year. For now, though, in San Diego County’s mild wintry months, we hope you make time to rest and nourish yourself. May we discover that we are enough as we are and so very capable of making abundance the norm around the world.

Katie Stokes

Publisher and Editor in Chief, Edible San Diego

*Have you read Gut by Giulia Enders or Suzanne Simard’s Finding the Mother Tree? Have you seen Fantastic Fungi? I couldn’t recommend them more wholeheartedly.

Chestnut mushrooms from Golden Mushroom Co. offer eaters a sweet, nutty flavor, perfect for cozy winter risottos. Look for them at the Ocean Beach farmers’ market. Image: Bhadri Kubendran.

Winter 2022–2023


Issue 68



Living Soil


It’s All Connected


San Diego In a Glass

Booch, Please


Follow Your Gut


Cunning Plants Use Tricks to Lure Pollinators

ON THE COVER Luminous blue oyster mushrooms from Golden Mushroom Co. based in Ocean Beach. These fungi provide numerous health benefits for your gut. Image: Bhadri Kubendran.

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