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Carrot Ginger Agua Fresca


Refreshing, light and packed with fruit (or sometimes veggies!) they’re a tasty way to take full advantage of the bounty of spring and summer produce at its flavor peak. Most recipes are simple and straightforward, but if you’re looking to up your game this season, these recipes from Chef Miguel Valdez of The Red Door and The Wellington are sure to satisfy.

Combine carrots, ginger, agave and three3 cups water in blender. Blend for 60 seconds, then strain using cheesecloth or thin strainer. Do not push mixture through strainer. Add the remaining 4 cups water and mix together with salt and mint. Pour into glasses full of ice, garnish with red pepper slices and serve immediately (or leave mixture in fridge overnight to develop a more intense flavor).

Makes 6 servings

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Carrot Ginger Agua Fresca

6 large carrots, peeled and chopped
2 teaspoons ginger, chopped
1 red pepper (sliced, with seeds removed)
½ cup agave
7 cups water
1 pinch Salt
Small bunch mint (no stems)

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Carrot Ginger Agua Fresca

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