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Kumiai Oysters with Pirul Mignonette


For mignonette sauce: Mix shallot, vinegar and Pirul in a bowl. Let stand 10 minutes.

Place coarse salt in a platter. Arrange the open oysters nicely on the salt. Place a scant teaspoon of mignonette and one drop of olive oil on each oyster. Enjoy with extremely cold Espuma de Piedra Methode Tradicional Espumoso (sparkling wine)!

About this recipe

From the Sea to His Kitchen Recipe by Chef Drew Deckman

Drew's heart is really in sustainable fisheries. He's even a leader in the international campaign to promote good, clean and fair seafood for all—a movement called "Slow Fish."

Yet, sourcing seafood locally can be complicated. Seafood caught off Ensenada's shores might travel to La Paz before it's sold in Tijuana. Drew strives for fish that only see one hand between him and the ocean. This reduces the miles that fish travel until they get to your plate. He visits fisheries. He gets to know heads of fishery cooperatives (the groups in Mexico who coordinate fishing to better sustain the resource). If he can't verify where the seafood came from and how it was fished, he won't buy it.

Ingredients for

Kumiai Oysters with Pirul Mignonette

1 shallot, brunoise (3mm square cubes)
½ cup red wine vinegar
1 teaspoon ground Pirul or pink peppercorns
Coarse salt for presentation
12 Kumiai oysters, open at time of consumption
Good-quality extra-virgin olive oil

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Kumiai Oysters with Pirul Mignonette

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