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Maca + Chaga Mushroom Faux Mocha


* If you don’t have time for the dehydration step in the directions below, substitute the reishi mushroom with 1 dropper of Anima Mundi Apothecary’s Adaptogenic formula.

Rinse or dry-brush mushrooms to clean. Pat dry with a towel if washing in water.

Slice mushrooms into ¼-inch slices. Place on dehydrator racks. Dehydrate at about 100° until mushrooms are no longer spongy, but are not brittle. This will take several hours. Allow to cool.

If you do not have a dehydrator, you can set your oven to about 150°, but you will achieve best results with a dehydrator. If using an oven, flip mushrooms after an hour, absorb excess liquid with a towel, place in oven an additional hour and allow to fully cool.

In a high-speed blender grind mushrooms into fine powder. With the handle of a wooden spoon, loosen up mixture; be sure all mushrooms have been ground.

With the exception of the butter, ghee or coconut oil, add remaining ingredients to blender to combine into a mixture.

Now you’re ready to brew. Brew 1 cup using the same measurement you would for your particular coffee maker. Taste. This recipe is akin to a dark roast coffee. If too bitter, add additional salt or vanilla seeds. For a sweeter roast add coconut oil, ghee or butter.

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Maca + Chaga Mushroom Faux Mocha

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Maca + Chaga Mushroom Faux Mocha

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