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North Park Thursday Market Sandwich


Recipe by Trish Watlington

Salt eggplant on both sides and set aside on paper towels while you toast the bread.

Generously brush 2 slices of bread with olive oil.  Place on a baking sheet under a broiler set on low.  Broil 2 minutes on each side, checking frequently to prevent burning.  Remove bread to warm plate or warming drawer.

Heat olive oil in medium pan.  Wipe salt from eggplant, lay flat in pan over medium high heat and cook until lightly browned; turn and brown the other side. Remove to warm plate.  Add onion and half the butter to the pan.  Cook slowly until onions are wilted and golden.  Remove to warm plate with eggplant.  Add remaining butter to pan.  Fry egg.  Baste with butter until white is cooked but yolk is runny.

Ingredients for

North Park Thursday Market Sandwich

2 slices of Bread Bar Buckwheat Bread (available at the North Park Thursday Market, or use a bread of your choice)
2 tablespoons (or more) of hummus, such as Majestic Sprouted Hummus
1 Japanese eggplant, thinly sliced
1 thick beefsteak tomato slice
2 thin slices of onion (or more if you love onions), any type Olive oil
2 tablespoons (or more) unsalted butter
1 large chicken egg, beaten
Salt and pepper to taste
Fresh basil leaves
Baby arugula (or mizuna) leaves
Balsamic vinegar

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North Park Thursday Market Sandwich

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