Katie Stokes

It wasn’t inevitable, but it sure is a good fit.

Katie Stokes brings a love of family, nature, gardening, cooking, animals, reading and travel to her leadership of Edible San Diego.

While networking during a move to San Diego, Katie kept bumping into the former owner of Edible San Diego. As they got to know each other, Katie realized that this magazine for sale presented her favorite kind of professional challenge: a small team unified around a compelling mission.

A long-time loyal reader of Edible San Diego, Katie applied her systems perspective to an increasingly inclusive editorial voice plus diversifying the company’s platforms.

The strength of this small company is seeing itself as part of something much larger. Edible Communities unites publishers, readers and companies across the US and Canada. And here in San Diego County a growing number of people and organizations are seeing, learning about, and taking action on the connections that gathering, sharing and eating local food show us.

Winner of the 2020 Rising Star Award by the San Diego Press Club.


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