At Specialty Produce, we believe that the value of food goes beyond the price tag and nutrition label. Food has the power to heal, comfort, delight, nourish, and unite us at our table. In our hands, at the tip of our fork, is a taste of tradition, a helping of history, a slice of life from different corners of the globe, which is why we not only package and sell produce—we unpack and share its stories.

With us, shopping is not a chore—it’s an interactive experience. Like dining at your local go-to restaurant, you can ask our knowledgeable staff for recommendations as you peruse our high-quality selection. We bring it all to the table—from classics to curiosities, apples to zapote—and we encourage substitutions, so don’t be afraid to swap your standard avocado for a Puebla (which, believe it or not, has edible skin!).

Yellow Nectarines. Image: Specialty Produce.

Explore our warehouse to find fresh organics and farmers’ market novelties, daily staples like nuts and grains, and even high-end provisions like charcuterie, imported cheeses, salts, and dried peppers. Support local farms, discover neighborhood artisan vendors, and shop among your city’s chefs in a clean, socially distanced environment, where safety protocols exceed minimum requirements to ensure the health and happiness of our customers and staff.

Potatoes. Image: Specialty Produce.
Cherries. Image: Specialty Produce.
Potatoes. Image: Specialty Produce.
Cherries. Image: Specialty Produce.

If you’re craving more, simply scan the QR code of our featured produce items to get all the juicy details in the Specialty Produce App—traditional uses, folklore, flavor profiles, pairings, recipe inspiration—or venture through our in-house Fruit and Vegetable Museum to indulge in the rich history and culture of your favorite food.

Pinkglow Pineapple. Image: Specialty Produce.

Branch out beyond generic grocery aisles that narrowly frame our culinary vision. Step outside the fluorescent lights that only showcase the monotony of mainstream agriculture and leave us blind to the vast variety that our world has to offer. As innovators in the industry, Specialty Produce is always willing to take risks on new products that are outside the ordinary (like selling Sumo Citrus before it was trendy!). Variety is key to sustainability, which is why we educate around what we eat, and encourage diversity for our planet and our plate.

Mushrooms. Image: Specialty Produce.

We welcome you to our culinary community of farmers, researchers, chefs, foodies, and home cooks. With a wealth of knowledge and a foraging spirit, we always have something fresh for you to sink your teeth into!

Visit us at our distribution site and market located at 1929 Hancock St., Suite 150, San Diego, CA 92110, and don’t forget to follow @specialtyproduce on Instagram.

Phone: (619) 295-3172


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